What is Korean glass skin? Is it possible to take care of skin at home?

Korean glass skin

What is Korean glass skin? Is it possible to take care of skin at home?

The Koreans style or K-style is very, popular now in makeup. In this style, such a feature of the skin is given priority, so that the skin is smooth and the light is reflected on the skin like glass. Such skin is called ‘glass skin’. But these are not makeup tricks; Rather, skin care is of utmost importance here, so that the skin becomes moisturized and fresh from within. Patience and daily care is essential to get glass skin. A special face pack should also be applied once a week.

Each person’s skin is different due to genetics. People in Korea or China have a different skin type than ours due to genetics. Weather also has an effect. It is very difficult to get a complete ‘look’ like them. If you want to get skin close to them, you can follow their care routine. Taking care of this rule will make the skin fresh and smooth. This is what Sharmin Kochi, morphologist of Bindia Exclusive Beauty Care, was saying about the method of getting glass skin. Learn from him how to take care of skin to get glass skin.

Step 1: Double Cleansing

What is Korean glass skin? Is it possible to take care of skin at home?

Clean the skin with an oil-based cleanser for five minutes. Then wipe the skin without applying water. Now wash your face using a gel based or foam based cleanser. Remove excess water by hand. Let the remaining water on the skin dry on the face.

Step Two: Toning

Choose a toner that keeps the skin hydrated. Massage the skin five to seven times with a cotton ball or finger in a circular motion. Applying rose water or cucumber juice directly in the same manner will work as a toner substitute. But it is better to buy a toner that gives moisture.

Step Three: Apply the Essence

Aloe vera gel or any other similar soothing gel or any essential oil can be applied in this step. If you want, you can add equal amount of glycerin with aloe vera gel. After 15-20 minutes, wipe the skin with a wet towel or wash it with water.

Step 4: Apply Moisturizer

What is Korean glass skin? Is it possible to take care of skin at home?

Apply moisturizing cream, lotion or serum. It is better to choose products rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

Step Five: Protection from the sun’s rays

Apply sunscreen before going outside (or working in the heat of the oven, extreme heat, or excessive light). However, it cannot be applied immediately after applying moisturizer. The fourth step is to wait until the moisturizer is well absorbed into the skin. And if the fourth step involves applying a moisturizer that has a sun protection factor, skip the fifth step.

Weekly care

These daily steps will be there for any time. Apart from this you will need rice starch for weekly maintenance. Heat the rice starch in the oven to make the pack. If it becomes too thick, cool it down and strain it. If you want’ you can add a” little honey. After applying this pack, wait until it dries. Then massage with water and remove the dry pack.

Rice starch pack is best for getting glassy skin. But if you want, you can use a pack made of a mixture of arrowroot and a few drops of glycerin in the same way.

What is Korean glass skin? Is it possible to take care of skin at home?

last word

Achieving perfect Korean glass skin is not possible for everyone due to genetics. But even if it is not, you can get such beautiful and glowing skin by practicing this simple method. Apart from this, it should be remembered that to get glass skin, skin blemishes should be removed. So, if there is any spot on the skin, action should be taken according to its cause.

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