Caring for Oily Skin in Hot Weather

Caring for Oily Skin in Hot Weather

In such weather, the skin becomes oily due to the humidity in the environment. Various problems can be seen on the skin in this Caring for Oily Skin in Hot Weather.

Caring for Oily Skin in Hot Weather

Due to dehydration in the heat, the skin is damaged, and alongside dryness, the brightness of the skin is lost. The amount of dehydration depends mainly on how much physical activity a person does, how much water they drink, and the type of weather.

In dehydration or lack of water, dark spots may be seen around the eyes, and the eyes may appear tired. Now the question arises, what should be done to care for oily skin in the heat.

Using water-based face wash or cleanser is good for cleaning the skin.

It is necessary to wash the face with water for two to three hours continuously.

After bathing, understand the type of skin and use sunscreen. Sun rays create dehydration in the skin and damage the brightness of the skin. So it is good not to go directly in the sun. If you have to go out of the house during the day, it is necessary to use sunscreen cream, umbrella, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Washing with excessive alkaline soap can show dehydration in the skin. If there is not enough rest and sleep in hot weather, if the sleep cycle is disturbed, its effect is seen on the skin. The skin becomes lifeless. So it is necessary to sleep for seven to eight hours daily.

During this time, it is necessary to refrain from applying excessive makeup. Using only water-based makeup or foundation will relieve the skin from excessive dryness.

It is important to stay away from all kinds of mental stress. If a person stays tension-free, like other organs of the body, the cells of the skin also remain relaxed, then the brightness of the skin is seen.

On the other hand, the role of a balanced diet in skin care is very important. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet along with the main elements of the diet list. Drinking plenty of water is necessary. Drink water in limited quantities every two to three hours instead of drinking too much water at once.

How to take care of oily skin in the heat

Whether you are a teenager or middle-aged, when it gets hot, acne is seen on oily skin. However, understanding the problem and taking regular care and precautions can overcome the problems.

It is difficult to control sweating in hot weather. And for this, the sebaceous gland, which is located under the skin, is responsible. It produces sebum or oil from the body’s fat or fat. This gland becomes more active in the heat. As a result, more sebum is produced on the skin.

As a result’ the skins becomes more oily. Those whose skin is already oily, it becomes excessive for them. The excess oil on the skin comes in contact with external dust and clogs the pores or small pores of the skin. Blackheads can be seen, and sometimes hidden spots can also be seen. The solution to the problem has been given by Professor Bakhtiyar Kamal, Professor of City Medical College Hospital and Hair and Skin Specialist. He said that oily skin is not bad. For those with such skin, it becomes more excessive. If you can control the excess oil of the skin, the problems can be overcome.

Do not wash your face repeatedly

Naturally, the oil that the skin produces is more beneficial than harmful to the skin. Washing the face repeatedly reduces this oil temporarily. As a result, the sebaceous gland, which is located under the skin, is losing its natural moisture. It then produces more oil. As a result’ the skins becomes more oily.

Sometimes hidden spots can also be seen. Solutions to these problems have been given by City Medical College Hospital Professor and Hair and Skin Specialist SM Bakhtiyar Kamal. He said that oily skin is not bad. Problems can be overcome by controlling the excess oil.

It is not necessary to wash the face more than twice a day. Before going to bed at night, wash your face well with an antibacterial or salicylic acid-containing face wash. This will remove dirt from the skin, keep the skin’s natural pH balance intact. Soft flannel cloth is given in the spectacle box to clean the glasses. People with oily skin can wipe their face with this cloth. If the face becomes oily, soak the cloth and wipe the face for two consecutive hours.


Exfoliation is the secret of beauty. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used to bathe with sour yogurt. Because yogurt contains lactic acid. French women used to wash their faces with wine, which contains glycolic acid. Women in our country also make and use various types of packs. Their main job is to exfoliate or remove dead cells from the skin.

Is it okay to use moisturizer?

Oily skin is already oily, so what’s the point of moisturizing it again? Many people have this question in mind. But you will be surprised to know that the more moist the skin is kept, the better it will be. Oily skin should not be cream-based, but use gel-based moisturizers. Sunscreen not only protects against harmful rays of the sun but also prevents black spots on the skin. So, lightweight and non-comedogenic sunscreen should be used for oily skin. If you use powder-type sunscreen, the oily feeling of the skin will decrease.

Use of blotting paper

Blotting paper is also called magic paper. This paper is capable of absorbing excess oil on the skin. To control oily skin, this paper has no substitute. Keep it in a bag or pocket when going out. Use as needed. Oily skin is very easy to become dirty. So it is possible to take regular care and precautions to keep such skin beautiful. With some very common tools available at home, it is possible to take care of oily skin. The crushed ice in the cooler will give the skin some relief.

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