Uses of neem leaves 11 tips to protect skin, hair and health!

Uses of neem leaves 11 tips to protect skin, hair and health!

Uses of neem leaves  11 tips to protect skin:When there is a pimple on the face or any skin problem, we start to worry.  In this worry, instead of one pimple, we make two or three pimples.  But the use of neem leaves, a natural ingredient close at hand, can help us a lot in this regard.

The use of neem leaves is very old, many people know its use, but in the guise of so many cosmetics, do we really remember it?  Let’s know about the sweet properties of Tita Neem and its uses!

Uses of neem leaves  11 tips to protect skin, hair and health

Use of neem leaves for skin, hair and health

Uses of neem leaves 11 tips to protect skin, hair and health!

1.  Neem leaves are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  So it is not paired with skin protection.  If you have acne infection, neem leaves are crushed and good results are guaranteed!

 2.  Many people have itchy scalp.  Regular application of neem leaf juice on the scalp reduces this itchiness, strengthens the hair, reduces dryness and promotes new hair growth.

3.  Applying neem leaves is beneficial not only for hair but also for itchy skin.

 4.  Regular application of raw turmeric paste with neem leaves improves skin radiance and corrects skin tone.  However, if you use turmeric, it is better to avoid the sun.  The amount of turmeric will be less than that of neem leaves!

 5.  Neem oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids which are beneficial for skin and hair.

6.  Consuming neem leaves cures our body’s junk i.e. speeds up the body’s digestive system as well as removes toxins and improves blood purity.  As a result, the body will get rid of constipation and your skin will be clear.  For this, 3/4 neem leaves should be chewed daily.  Phew!!  Is the face bitter now??  Hey give a simple solution!  Make small pills of neem leaves and dry them in the sun.  Store in a glass jar after drying well.  Take 2/3 pill every morning with water!

 7.  Mix boiled neem leaves with bath water.  Those with skin irritations and itchiness are expected to find relief and reduce body odor.

 8.  Neem leaves can be boiled in a water bottle and kept in the fridge.  You can use this neem water instead of water while applying any face pack paste.

 9.  It goes without saying that neem dal is good for teeth.  It is very effective in preventing bad breath and tooth decay.

 10.  Neem leaf juice acts as a herbal remedy for cuts and burns.

 11.  Neem leaves can be dried in the sun and powdered.  Later to use as a face mask.

 In fact, the quality of Tita Neem cannot be overstated.  So today I am finishing writing with a neem tea recipe for you.  Herbal tea is very useful!  There is no comparison to neem tea to keep yourself fresh and healthy!  For those who are already used to consuming Chirtar Juice, Neem Cha Dudhbhat will seem like it.  Those who are new can mix honey!

 Neem tea

Uses of neem leaves  11 tips to protect skin, hair and health!

 Dry neem leaves are powdered or 6/7 leaves of fresh neem are left in hot water for 2/3 minutes and mixed with honey to make sweet neem tea, but the time limit for beginners is 1 minute.  The more you burn, the more bitter it will be.

 If you want, you can make tea with tulsi leaves in the same way.  The interesting thing is that Tulsi leaves will be green in color if they are boiled a little, if they are boiled more it will turn tea color.  Those who want to drink real green tea can try it.  I have personally fed this special green tea to many people.

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