REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

When it comes to’ lip makeup, REVLON has consistently been a’ top choice among makeup enthusiasts worldwide. I’n this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into’ the world of REVLON Lipstick, particularly the ColorStay Suede Ink, Shade 003 – Want it All. This REVLON lipstick boast’s an impressive array of features, from it’s built-in primer to its smudgeproof, matte finish. Let’s explore everything you need to’ know about this’ product.

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

Benefits of” REVLON Lipstick

Long-Lasting Matte Finish: REVLON ColorStay Suede Ink delivers a velvety matte finish that stays put throughout the day.

Built-in Primer: The REVLON lipstick comes with a built-in primer, ensuring smooth and even application.

Vitamin E Infusion: Infused with Vitamin E, it provides nourishment for your lips while looking fabulous.

Waterproof and Smudgeproof: Ideal for all-day wear, even in challenging conditions.

Rich Color Palette: Explore a wide range of shades to match your unique style.

Key Ingredient’s

Vitamin E: Known for it’s moisturizing and antioxidant” properties, Vitamin E keeps your lips feeling soft and supple.

Waterproof Formula: Designed to withstand moisture and keep your REVLON lipstick looking fresh.

Smudgeproof Technology: Say goodbye to lipstick smudges and constant touch-ups.

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews


1. What is the purpose of the built-in primer?

A built-in primer helps to prep the lips, ensuring the lipstick adheres better, lasts longer, and provides an even color application

2. How does Vitamin E benefit the lips?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to moisturize and protect the lips, preventing them from becoming dry and chapped. It can also help to heal minor abrasions or cuts.

3. How long can I expect this lipstick to last on my lips?

While I can’t provide an exact time frame without specific product details, a ColorStay or long-wear formula generally lasts anywhere from 6 to 16 hours, depending on various factors like eating, drinking, or other activities.

4. Will the lipstick transfer onto my glass or clothes?

The product is described as waterproof and smudge-proof, which implies that it should have minimal to no transfer once it has set on your lips.

5. How do I remove the lipstick?

Waterproof and long-lasting lipsticks can be more challenging to remove. A makeup remover specifically formulated for waterproof makeup or an oil-based makeup remover should be effective.

6. Is the matte finish drying on the lips?

Matte formulas can sometimes feel drying, but the inclusion of Vitamin E suggests that this product might have a moisturizing component. However, experiences may vary from person to person.

7. Can I apply a gloss over this matte lipstick?

Yes, you can apply a gloss over a matte lipstick if you wish to change the finish or add some shine.

8. How many shades are available in this range?

For the exact number of shades, you would need to consult Revlon’s official product listing or retail sites where it’s sold.

9. Is this lipstick cruelty-free?

Revlon’s cruelty-free status might have evolved over time, so it’s best to check their official stance or look for cruelty-free certifications on the product packaging

Side Effect’s

REVLON Lipstick is generally safe for use, but it’s always a good practice to perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics. If” you experience” any irritation, discontinue use immediately.

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

How to’ Use

Start with clean, moisturized lips.

Apply the built-in primer for an even base.

Carefully outline your lips using the lipstick’s precise applicator.

Fill in’ your lip’s with the” desired color.

Allow it to dry for a few seconds for a smudgeproof finish.

Real User’s Reviews

Here’s what some real users are saying about REVLON ColorStay Suede Ink:

User 1: “I’m in love with this lipstick! The shade ‘Want it All’ is my go-to for a bold, confident look.”

User 2: “It’s so impressive how it” stays on all day, even through meals. I’m buying” more shades!”

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

Expert Opinions

Makeup expert’s and professionals appreciate the quality” and performance of REVLON Lipstick. Many consider it a’ must-have in their makeup kits for it’s longevity and color variety.


Incorporate REVLON ColorStay Suede Ink into your daily beauty routine for a stunning matte finish. It’s perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to’ formal events.

REVLON Lipstick Primer Vitamin E Matte Color Best Reviews

Final’ Verdict

In the realm of lip makeup, REVLON Lipstick, ColorStay Suede Ink, stands tall as a versatile and reliable choice. It’s matte finish, long-lasting formula, and nourishing ingredients make it a’ top contender in the beauty industry. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or simply looking for a dependable lipstick, REVLON delivers.


For those seeking a lip color that combines style, durability, and nourishment, REVLON Lipstick, ColorStay Suede Ink, is the answer. With a range of shades to’ choose from and a formula designed to endure, it’s a makeup essential for’ any occasion.

So, why’ wait? Explore the world of REVLON lipstick color’s and discover the perfect shade to’ express your unique style today.

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