Make four homemade masks easily for skin care!

Make four homemade masks easily for skin care!

Make four homemade masks easily for skin care: Whenever we think of skin care, we don’t know how many famous brand names of creams come to mind. But have you ever thought about how many things are lying neglected in the corner of your kitchen or fridge that could be your skin’s best friend? One such wonderful ingredient is sour cream. This highly beneficial food is not only used as a food but has been used as an essential cosmetic ingredient in various parts of the subcontinent for ages. As it can be applied directly to the skin, it can also be mixed with other ingredients. Let’s know about some effective masks for sour curd in skin care.

Make four homemade masks easily for skin care

Sour yogurt mask for skin care

Tokadi has been used as an essential cosmetic ingredient in various parts of the subcontinent for ages. Let’s learn about the effective masks of sour curd.

1) Only sourdough

Those who do not want to spend much time on makeup but want healthy and beautiful skin can safely rely on Tokdai. It removes the sunburned skin and also cleans the dirt from deep within the skin. Not only that, it also moisturizes the skin. Apply takadi to the face and neck every day and wait 20 to 25 minutes. Then wipe your face and neck thoroughly with a wet cloth or towel.

If you are in a hurry to go out, you can wash your face with face wash because, after applying the tokdi, its smell will leave your mouth for some time. However, if you want to get quick results, it is better not to go out in the sun for one to one and a half hours after applying the sour cream. Since this method of shaping is very simple, you can use it on other exposed parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, neck, and back.

2) Sour curd, sandalwood, and rose water

We have been hearing about sandalwood as a skin-lightening ingredient for a long time. Since the time of Raja Maharaja, its value has been passed on to women. This mixture of sandalwood and sour cream is very beneficial for our facial skin. Make a pack by mixing two teaspoons of sandalwood powder with a quantity of takadi. Apply this pack to the face and neck, and wait for at least 25 minutes. Then wash well. This pack is mainly for dry and combination skin. Those with oily skin can mix a little rose water with this pack to keep them fresh throughout the day.

3) Yogurt, oats, and honey

Oats and honey can also be mixed with curd to make an excellent pack. Mix equal amounts of oats, honey, and curd together to make a paste. Apply it to your face and neck, and wait for 20 minutes. Then rinse well with cold water. Use this pack twice a week.

4) Sour yogurt and tomatoes

If you have sunburned skin, this pack will work like magic for you. Mix equal amounts of tomato juice and sour cream and apply it regularly to the affected area. After some time, you will understand the difference for yourself. You can also mix aloe vera gel if you want. It will reduce sunburn quickly.

I learned how beneficial sour cream is in skin care. By using these packs, you can take proper care of your skin. But remember, if your skin has an allergy problem, then you have to avoid using that particular ingredient. Take care of yourself regularly; stay healthy and beautiful.

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