Flower facial

Who does not love Flower facial? Flowers fascinate us all the time with their appearance and smell. And if you can take care of your skin with this colorful flower, then it will be an extra bonus. There are some flowers that contain valuable oils and nutrients, and these oils work very well for our skin nourishment. The nutrients in the flowers slow down the aging process. Anyone with any skin type can do this facial.

But it is also better to say that those who have allergies or sensitive skin should not use these packs. This facial is more effective for those whose skin is less tight. This facial is done to keep blood circulation in the skin normal. The properties of the flower can refresh, tighten, and smooth your skin when the skin becomes loose with age. Since it has been said that this facial has to be done when the skin loses its elasticity, the flower facial should be done only when you are 30 or older. Because, usually at this age, the skin starts to lose its elasticity.

Flower facial

First step:

Flower facial

First of all, it can clean the skin, and for this, we can use marigold flowers. This flower lightens skin color and cleans it. Make a paste together of powdered milk, sour curd, honey, and grated carrot, along with a few flower petals. This will clean the skin deeply. Again, this full, dead skin is easily repaired and replaced with new cells, thus the work of scrubbing is also completed.

Second step:

Flower facial

Now mix a small tablespoon of sandal paste, 4 drops of rose oil, and 2 drops of lavender oil with some milk and massage the face well. Remove this paste with lukewarm water and massage again with the same mixture.

Third step:

Flower facial

Now it’s time to apply the pack based on the needs of the skin.

If you want bright and glowing skin, take rose petals and dry them well, then make a powder of those dried rose petals. Mix milk and wheat (slightly powdered) together and apply to the face.

Again, if you want to get rid of facial acne, take some jaba flower petal paste and make a pack with rice powder, essential oils like vitamin E, and a little water. Keep this pack on your face for a while, remove it with a wet cloth, and wash it off with cold water.

Boil a handful of jasmine flowers in water, strain the water, and put it in a bowl. Grind the jasmine flowers, mix them with sour cream, and apply it to the face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off, then apply water boiled with jasmine flowers for another 20 minutes. This face pack is very good for sensitive skin.

The lotus flower contains linoleic acid and many minerals that help to brighten the color. Wash the flower petals very well. Then boil it in water for 4 minutes and make a paste. You can add sour curd and honey. If desired, boil lotus flower petals in water, mix it with any face pack, and use it regularly. Everyone except those with sensitive skin can safely use it.

The flowers contain a variety of excellent essential oils that brighten and soften the skin. So you can try a flower facial at home, keeping your skin type in mind.

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