Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence

As the saying goes, if you have intelligence, you don’t need to be married. Again, with the strength of this intelligence, in the story of our 2 very familiar friends and the bear, the 2nd friend survived despite not being able to climb the tree. On the other hand, Kalidas sat down to cut the same branch, we know Rabindranath’s study gap, we also know that Einstein was raw in numbers at one time. Kazi Nazrul did not even complete school. Does that mean they all lacked intelligence? We all know that there was no shortage, but the amount of intelligence they possess is beyond telling. So what is intelligence? On what basis do we call someone intelligent? A writer is also called intelligent and a scientist is also known as intelligent. On the other hand, a woman who is good at housework and cooking is also said to be intelligent. Then find out how to increase intelligence!

Definition of intelligence

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Different psychologists have defined intelligence in different ways – says psychologist Cattell – “Intelligence is what intelligence does.” That is, the identity of the intellect is in the work that the intellect does. Dearborn said – “Wisdom is the ability to use experience to advantage.” Stern said – “Intelligence is the general mental power of adapting to new problems and situations.” The quicker he learns, the smarter he is. Intelligence is our great tool to adapt to the natural environment, to conduct all the activities in our life smoothly and to solve all the problems and move the life forward.

Ways to increase intelligence

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Seeing the cunning of others, many people think that I wish I could be like that! If I had a little wisdom! It is unfortunate that this arrangement is for them. There is nothing to be disappointed about. Although intelligence is mostly genetic, there are ways to increase intelligence. There are several ways to increase the sharpness of the intellect.


Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

exercise Exercise not only reduces weight, but exercise keeps the nerves of the brain active, ensures blood circulation in the brain and keeps it alive. Through exercise, brain cells develop and become stronger and interconnectivity increases and prevents the brain from being damaged. Because during exercise protein is released from brain cells known as neurotrophic factor. It helps in building brain health and protects the brain. In addition, during exercise, nerve-promoting compounds are released and protect the brain. There is an area of the brain called the hippocampus that gets bigger during exercise. This helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. When this disease occurs, people forget their memories. So exercise not only keeps the body but also the brain healthy and prevents diseases.Every day, spend at least thirty minutes exercising.

Foods that help increase intelligence are –

fish oil

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

There is an old saying, fish is brain food. Fish oil is very important for our brain.It both prevents and lessens inflammation in the brain.

. Brain is made up of 50% fat and lipids. Omega 3 is one of them. It makes and maintains brain cells. protects Omega 3 is found in fish oil and flaxseed oil.

rice bread

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Our brain is glucose dependent. It can be said that this is brain food. Our brain consumes 5 grams of glucose per hour but cannot store it. this

Glucose travels constantly through the blood to the brain. Brain power depends on body glucose. For this you should eat cereal type food

Like rice, bread. They are a source of carbohydrates though. These are converted into glucose. Sugary foods should not be eaten. Because eating too much sugar causes changes in the amount of glucose in the body which creates havoc in the body.


Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

It contains a lot of magnesium and vitamin B2. It helps a lot in nerve impulse transmission. It also helps produce the neurotransmitter GABA. which keeps the brain cool.

the liver

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

The brain needs 20% oxygen. This oxygen binds to hemoglobin and travels to the brain through the blood. And iron is needed for this hemoglobin. Which is very in the liver. So eat beef liver. It contains many vitamins, especially vitamin B.


Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

It contains vitamins, protein lysine, manganese, copper, lithium, zinc and iodine. Which is good for our brain. Many people become mentally retarded due to iodine deficiency in childhood.

Read more books

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Apart from books, read newspapers and magazines. Reading books has entertainment as well as learning. There is no alternative to reading books to keep the brain active. The more you read, the more active your brain will be.

See the puzzle

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Play puzzles, crosswords, chess, Sudoku, various video games, etc. Such games play a great role in increasing brain power.

good sleep

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

Set a regular sleep schedule and get up early in the morning.Want to sleep at least 8 hours. There is no substitute for good sleep to maintain brain activity and stability.

Watch less television

Do you know which ways to increase intelligence?

We waste a lot of precious time in front of television. Watch TV, but don’t become addicted to it. Reading a book is better than watching TV. Retirement

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