Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips?

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips?

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips:A lively, cheerful smile is the identity of a person. It is also nice to see a smiling face with pearls. And lips are life of smile. Pink colored lips are the most attractive. Many times we feel embarrassed about lip color. The color of the lips may turn black or dark spots may appear on the lips. Black lips reduce the beauty of the face a lot. If so, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily get rid of this problem at home. So let’s know how we can get rid of this problem.

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips?

13 tips to remove dark spots on lips

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips

Why are the lips black?

There are many reasons that can cause black lips or dark spots on the lips. Such as busy work life, stress, change in weather, air humidity, physical illness, tobacco consumption, smoking, chemotherapy, use of excess fluoride, use of low quality cosmetics, not removing lipstick before sleeping at night, exposure to direct sunlight, indifference to health.

Remedy for black spots on lips

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips

With some very simple methods we can bring back the lost pink color of the lips. No expensive cosmetics are required for this.

Do you know 13 tips to remove black spots on lips

1. Every night before bed when you brush your teeth, dab some toothpaste on your lips. After a while brush your lips with a hand brush. For this the brush must be soft and brush very lightly. This will remove the dead cells on and around the lips, refreshing the lips and the surrounding area.

2. Every day before going to sleep you should massage your lips for at least 5 minutes. Mix few drops of lemon juice with almond oil for massage. This treatment will restore moisture to your lips. Regular use will reduce black spots very easily.

Lemon juice almond oil to remove blemishes .

3. Mix honey with lemon juice and apply it every night before going to bed to get the same benefits. Apply aloe vera gel and white juice of coconut beet on the lips. Regular use will restore the natural color of the lips.

4. Grind mint leaves and separate the juice and apply it regularly on the lips. Massage the lips with ice cubes, then massage with a mixture of almond oil and olive oil. The natural color of the lips will return.

5. Mix the powder of pomegranate seeds with milk and apply it on the lips. It will give a pink tint to the lips. In this case you can use ghee instead of sugar.

Pomegranate with milk juice to remove dark spots . Mix a small amount of sugar and cold cream together and use it as a lip scrub. You can also use olive oil instead of cold cream. As a result, the natural color of the lips will return.

7. Remove any lipstick or lipgloss from your lips when you come back from outside every day. To remove, apply a little olive oil or almond oil to a cotton ball and wipe lightly. This lip makeup must be removed before sleeping at night. It is especially responsible for darkening your lips.

8. Like other parts of our skin, lips also produce some oil, called sebum. It is very necessary. Lips should therefore always be kept moist. Lip balm should be applied when going out. Apply cocoa butter if you have it at home. It may sound surprising but not only in winters, you need to apply petroleum jelly all year round to keep your lips pink. It is important to protect the moisture of the lips.

9. If you want to get lips like roses, do not use roses, so what? Put some rose petals in a milk bath.. After some time grind the petals and make a paste. Add few drops of honey and glycerin in it. Now keep the paste on your lips for 15 minutes. Soak a piece of cotton in milk and remove the paste. Regular use gives excellent results.

Rose petal milk to remove lip stains 10. Take carrot juice in a bowl and apply it on the lips with cotton. You can mix some saffron in it. It will also restore the moisture of the lips, the color will also return at the same time.

Carrot juice to remove black spots on lips 11. Take an orange peel and apply it on your lips or dry orange peel and mix it with some rose water and apply it on your lips.

12. Cucumber juice is very effective in making lips pink. Just massage cucumber juice on your lips for 5 minutes daily and see the results yourself.

13. Make tomato paste and mix cream with it or apply coconut oil mixed with tomato paste.

Some precautions to remove dark spots on lips

Tea, coffee and other drinks are responsible for darkening your lips. Avoid eating them.

Quit smoking if you have habit. Because, if you smoke, your lips will be black.

Dehydration robs your lips of moisture. So drink water regularly, at least 8-10 glasses daily.

Never wet the lips repeatedly with the tongue.

Direct sunlight destroys the natural color of the lips. Avoid it as far as possible. Use a high-quality sunscreen lotion when going outdoors.

Include lots of vegetables in your diet.

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