Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls:Increasing weight day by day? Many things do not decrease? Want to lose weight the right way? So read today’s article from beginning to end. Follow the instructions step by step. If you follow it for a month, the weight will decrease, and you will see that you feel better. Many people think that they will lose weight by eating less or eating less. It will decrease but it is not good for the body. Eat food but in the right amount and at the right time. And so today we have appeared with the best Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Weight loss tips for girls:

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Before knowing the best weight loss diet chart for girls, know some special tips. Along with proper diet, these are very important.

Rice is more responsible for weight gain in Indian, especially Bengali women. So don’t stop eating rice. Eat a bowl of rice twice a day. Eat the rest of vegetables, curries, fish, pulses. Reduce the amount of rice you eat.

Those who do not walk at all due to work or lack of time should walk at least 30 minutes a day. If you don’t have time to separate, walk from room to room while talking on the phone. More than 30 minutes a day must be phone calls. Use that time.

Girls tend to eat sweets more. Be moderate about sweets. Sweet foods increase the sugar level in the body. It is very important to control it. Stop consuming heaps of sugar in tea. Drink tea 3 to 4 times a day and drink tea with sugar once. Eat without sugar the rest of the time. Do it’ for a week and it’ will becomes a habit.

Add protein to your diet. This food keeps the body healthy while reducing the tendency to gain weight. Eat green vegetables, fish, eggs and chicken. Avoid red meat.

You can eat a little at a time without eating a lot of food at once. But try to eat less at night. Due to poor digestion at night, weight increases rapidly. So eat heavy food from morning to afternoon and eat light food at night.

Dieting means following the rules in the right amount. So don’t go without eating at all. Starvation is not the solution to weight loss. Instead of hurting the body. So eat food.

Best diet chart for girls to lose weight:

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Follow the weight loss diet chart for girls written here step by step. What and how much to eat in the morning, noon and night are told in three parts. Share your daily calories. Eat 50% of calories in the morning. 36 in the afternoon and 14 in the night.

Morning diet:

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

Get up in the morning and drink a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of a lemon. Eat one day in a week. For the remaining four days, drink ginger, turmeric and amlaki boiled water. It is very beneficial for the body and skin along with weight loss.

Get up in the morning and have breakfast 30 minutes after drinking. Many skip breakfast. Don’t do it at all. Rather, breakfast should be heavy. Eat two loaves of bread, a bowl of curry and a boiled egg. Eat four breads with a little butter and boiled two eggs. Don’t add sugar to bread. Eat without sugar. Sprinkle little pepper. Eat an apple, grape, papaya or any seasonal fruit for breakfast. Eat about 10 grapes, not more than that. You can also eat poha, milk bread or lightly boiled vegetable soup. Eat one type of food in the morning.

Afternoon diet:

Since Bengalis cannot survive without rice, eat rice at noon. But not more than one bowl. Eat two or one bread with it. Eat pulses, vegetables, fish that are cooked in your home. But try to eat food with less oil spices. Eat your fill but don’t pile up the rice. That I said is a bowl. Eat the rest. You don’t have to lose weight on an empty stomach.

Those who have the habit of eating rice and sleeping after lunch should stop it. Do not eat and sleep with a pillow if you want to lose weight.

Night diet:

It is very good not to eat rice. But if you can’t go without rice at all, then half a bowl of rice. Not more than that. With a loaf of bread. One bowl of dal and one bowl of curry. It is better not to eat fish, meat and eggs at night.

Have dinner between eight and nine o’clock. Do not go to sleep after eating. Try to sleep an hour after dinner.

What to do if you are hungry:

Check out the best weight loss diet chart for girls

If you feel hungry, eat a fruit. Eat fruit and eat apples. It is less sweet. Sometimes eat 6 cashew nuts, 6 walnuts and drink water. You will see that the stomach is full. If you want, you can keep cream cracker biscuits with it. Works great to curb sudden hunger pangs.

Follow the above mentioned diet chart properly. You will see that you feel much lighter within a month. Stay away from eating outside, cold drinks while following this diet. Remember one thing, no diet chart in the world can make you lose weight if you don’t want to. So do what is said, good book will not get bad results.

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