A bit of physical exercise

A bit of physical exercise

We are very conscious about our health, fitness and beautiful figure. We know there is no substitute for regular exercise for good health.

  Many people do not get the opportunity to exercise in the morning for office. Returning from office late evening. Back home so much work…no time to exercise. I know that’s an excuse, but to stay healthy, you have to take some time off. How? Let’s find out:

Many people wake up and start exercising in bed. But it is better not to do heavy exercise at this time. Because exercise requires enough energy in the body. If time is short, do light jogging or morning work half an hour after waking up. After waking up, have a fresh breakfast and exercise a few hours later. Remember to never exercise on an empty stomach

The best time to exercise is in the afternoon. Means 6 hours after waking up and within 12 hours. Those with heavy exercise plans will choose any time of the day. After lunch take a light walk instead of sitting.

Take a short walk on the way home. While walking, keep in mind that you can cover 1 kilometer in 10 minutes. You can exercise in the evening. But in that case be sure to relax before exercising. So that you don’t feel tired while exercising. Evening is the best time to practice yoga. You can also do treadmill or cycling.

Not everyone has the desire, time and ability to go to the gym and exercise. And so learn some light exercises that can be done at home.

A bit of physical exercise

Stand straight and lift your legs back and hold them with your hands.

Hold one leg like this for 10 seconds and lift the other leg.

Do this 20 times daily, 3 times on each leg and then take a 30 second break.

Stand up straight and lean down as far as you can with your hands behind your neck.

Do this 10 times.

Standing with two hands on the waist, rotate the head right, left, forward and backward like this 12 times.

Try to lie straight and put both hands behind the head, taking care not to bend the legs.

Do this 8 times.

There are a few things to keep in mind while doing any yoga practice.

Eat something light in the morning and exercise.

Wear comfortable clothing while exercising.

At first, don’t take too long and do heavy exercises. Gradually increase the exercise time.

Some exercise books and CDs are available. You can see them. Do some regular exercise. Stay healthy in mind and body.

Do exercise according to physical ability and age, if you have back pain or breathing problem, you cannot do all kinds of exercise. So after deciding to start exercising, follow the right diet and lifestyle as advised by the experts. Stay healthy by exercising regularly…

Learn about 9 benefits of exercise

A bit of physical exercise

You must have heard the saying, “use it or it will rot” or “throw it away, it will rust”. These words are very applicable to the human body. If you don’t use your body, it will decay. Your muscles will become flabby, dull and weak. Various important organs of your body like heart, lungs, liver will not work properly. The joints of your body will become rigid. It is said that inactivity or not exercising the body is just as harmful as smoking. So it is important to know why exercise is so important. Let’s take a look…

Benefits of exercise

1) Prevents disease

Disease is man’s greatest enemy. It is impossible to find a person in the world who has not suffered from some kind of disease. Our greatest endeavor as humans is to stay disease free. And exercise helps prevent this disease. Regular exercise is essential for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of major diseases like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetics and other diseases. Exercise will help enhance your appearance and prevent premature aging. So there is no substitute for exercise to stay healthy.

2) Increases stamina

It helps to increase mental strength. When you exercise, your body expends energy. If your body is obese, fat and inactive, you will become more tired with less physical activity. When you exercise regularly, you can get more done with less fatigue. You will see that even the most difficult task can be done in one go.

3) Exercise strengthens the mind

Various chemicals are released from the brain through exercise. These chemical elements cheer up the mind and increase the beauty and radiance of the face along with physical and mental relaxation. A person who exercises regularly does not easily get rid of depression or depression.

4) Controls weight

Another important aspect of staying healthy is shedding excess body weight and fat. But there is no substitute for exercise to lose excess weight. Exercise burns calories. In this way, the more we exercise, the more calories we will burn and thereby keep our body weight under control.

5) Increases body flexibility

There is no exercise to make our body flexible. It is important for our body parts and muscles to be flexible. Then there will’ be control overs the body. Minor injuries are less likely to cause sprains or fractures. So exercise regularly and stay healthy.

6) Makes the body strong

The better’ the muscle mass, the stronger it’ is. Exercise builds each muscle differently. It all depends on you. Because you can strengthen your muscles exactly the way you want.

7) Increases motivation

If you are not physically and mentally healthy, you will be reluctant to work. Exercise provides extra oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our body. This results in a healthy vibrancy and stimulation throughout the body. It increases our motivation.

8) Beneficial for sex life

Sexual happiness in married life affects the whole family life. Exercise is very beneficial for those who have experienced inertia or disinterest in their sex life. Regular exercise increases sex drive, increases the duration of intercourse and brings positive changes in marital life.

9) Aids in good sleep

You must have noticed that when you are tired, you sleep much deeper and deeper. So exercise is very beneficial for those who have sleep problems. Exercise relieves insomnia, reduces oversleeping. However, exercise should not be done before sleeping. Because post-exercise mental alertness can delay sleep onset. So exercise regularly at regular intervals.

A bit of physical exercise

Exercise has an immense role in the development of the overall life system. Until now, he spent his life in disgrace. Don’t start today! You will see that you can keep your life in your hands.

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