A bad thing about makeup

A bad thing about makeup

A bad thing about makeupL: Nothing is a waste. It is also possible to use discarded parts of food bought from the market. Before tossing the seeds and peels in the trash, think about whether they can be put to any use. Skin can be made more attractive with these things. Expensive things are not always necessary to maintain beauty. Your skin will become more beautiful if you use some things according to the rules. Spending a lot of money on makeup. But sometimes nothing works. But makeup with some of our everyday items can work better than more expensive items. Let’s know how to do makeup with simple things.

Orange peel is very beneficial for dry and wrinkled skin. For this, mix lentil and turmeric paste with orange peel and apply it to your face. When dry, gently massage with water and remove. It will bring a kind of radiance to the skin. In addition, the skin will be much tighter.

A bad thing about makeup

A bad thing about makeup

Lemon peel will work just as well. Removes acne. Lemon peel will remove the oiliness of oily skin. For this, lemon peel and cucumber can be blended and applied to the face. Rinse off gently when dry.

After use, do not throw away the lemon peel; rub it on your elbows with a little honey. You will see that the black spot on the elbow will disappear immediately.

Used tea bags play an important role in curing whiteheads. Take the contents of a tea bag and rub it on the affected area for 4-5 minutes. If you do it twice a week, you will get a lot of benefits.

After eating watermelon, take the white part without discarding its peel. Now blend it and apply it to the skin. You will see that the dehydration of the skin will be removed, and you will get a cooling sensation.

If you have spots on your face, mix a little multani soil with ripe banana peel, a few drops of orange juice, and cucumber juice, and apply it to your face. The stain will disappear.

To reduce skin folds and remove dark spots, make a paste by mixing chickpea peel, pea batter, egg yolk, a few drops of lemon juice, and honey. Apply it to the face until it dries. Then wash with water. Regular use of this mask after cleansing and scrubbing will gradually reduce skin folds and make the skin fresher.

A bad thing about makeup

If you want to bring extra brightness to the skin, soak an old piece of bread in milk and stick it. Mix two spoons of papaya batter, one spoon of apple batter, one spoon of rose water, and one spoon of honey. Apply the mixture to the face. Wash your face after drying.

Cucumber beech cleanses the skin very deeply. If you have oily skin, a cucumber peel mixed with oatmeal will work as a good scrubber. And if your skin is dry, you can try mixing cucumber seeds with milk juice and egg whites.

After sifting the rice powder, throw away the sieved piece. Now you can use it too. This portion of rice flour works well as a scrubber. Mix a little sour curd, raw turmeric, milk, and carrot juice with it. You will see that the skin will be cleaner as well as brighter.

Powdered milk at home is often wasted. Instead of throwing it away, mix it with a little orange juice and a little honey and massage it on the skin. This mixture will work very well for combination skin.

A bad thing about makeupA bad thing about makeup

Cut a small cucumber peel into small pieces. Then blend in a blender. Take this puree and hang it on a clean cloth to drain the excess water. Now mix aloe vera gel, green tea, and gelatin with it. Cucumbers and aloe vera contain natural astringents, which kill bacteria. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and stir until the gelatin dissolves. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes. Now it’s time to apply. Apply the mixture to the face and neck and wait for 25 minutes, then wash off. You will see that the tired face will instantly surprise you.

If you like the tips, then definitely apply them, and don’t forget to let us know the results. My small effort will be worthwhile if you benefit.

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