The skin needs extra care this spring

The skin needs extra care this spring

The skin needs extra care this spring: Winter doesn’t want to end, and sometimes spring gives you the chance to get drunk. Understanding the opportunity, the sun seems to want to be faster. All together, nature seems to have played the game of losing and winning. And dust can be said to be a companion of spring, because not obeying that prohibition of spring is ‘getting drunk’. Various problems appear on our skin due to the change in weather in nature,

which is neither cold nor hot. Even if the winter goes away, it leaves its dryness or roughness, so the skin starts to feel tight, and there is also a possibility of the skin breaking out from it. The whole body needs special care during this season. So be aware as much as possible at this time.

The skin needs extra care this spring

Skin Care:

The skin needs extra care this spring

Choose a mild or low-alkaline face wash to cleanse the skin. Which will not overdry your skin and help retain moisture. If you have been using a less alkaline face wash during the winter, then you can use that for now. And for the body, use shower gel instead of soap. The skin loses its natural moisture, leaving the skin dry and flaky. So scrubbing is very important.

Scrubbing removes dead skin cells. For toning, opt for alcohol-free toners. Cucumber juice can be stored in the refrigerator and used as a toner. This toner maintains the pH balance of the skin. It is a very effective toner. Today’s air contains a lot of dust, so if you use a deep moisturizer, all the dust will settle on your skin. So opt for a water-based cream or lotion to protect the skin.

Hair Care:

The skin needs extra care this spring

Shampooing daily or every other day can protect hair from dust. You can go out by tying a scarf around your head to protect your hair from dust. Heat coconut oil and olive oil together and massage the hair and shampoo the next day to remove the roughness of the hair. For extra care of your hair, if you make a pack with sour curd, banana, or papaya, your hair will be good. Shampooing daily or every other day can protect hair from dust.

Hand and foot care:

The skin needs extra care this spring

After coming back from outside, mix shampoo with warm water and soak your hands and feet for 10 minutes. Wash and wipe. Then apply moisturizer. During this time, due to sunburn, black spots are left on the skin, and during this time, the hands and feet crack very quickly due to dryness.

So to prevent cracked hands and feet, manicures and pedicures should be done once a month and use petroleum jelly at night. To remove black spots on hands and feet, mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and sour curd and make a paste. Apply it to your hands and feet, wait for 30 minutes, and wash your hands and feet with cold water.

Eating and drinking:

The skin needs extra care this spring

Food is more important to maintain the beauty of the skin and hair. Human beauty depends on 80% nutrition and only 20% external care. So be careful about eating and drinking. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A and E, and drink plenty of water.Drink at least 8–9 glasses of water every day. There are not many seasonal fruits available during spring, so eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and salads. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten regularly. It will make the skin soft and bright.

Preparing to go out:

The first thing to do when going outside is to apply sunscreen lotion. Because at this time the sunburn is very high, it is not only on the face but also on the back, hands, and feet. If you don’t use sunscreen lotion, small black spots can appear on the skin. Once the sunscreen cream is applied, it works for up to four hours. So if you are outside all day, you should clean your face every four hours and apply sunscreen cream.

Sunscreen lotion or sunblock cream should be applied according to the skin type; for example, those with oily skin should use water-beige sunscreen lotion, those with dry skin should use oily sunscreen cream, and those with combination skin should use sunscreen gel. Sometimes I splash water in the mouth. Place some wet tissue or (wet tissue) in the bag. Wipe the face while working. Your skin will look cleaner as well as fresher. When going outside, be sure to use sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust. Wash your hands and face thoroughly after returning from outside. Wash your face and apply moisturizer while your face is wet.

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