Some vegetables for skin care

Some vegetables for skin care

Some vegetables for skin care: One of the safest and most affordable ways to get rid of various skin problems is to take care of your skin with natural ingredients at home. But this is a long-term process. If you take care of yourself with patience, you can easily get your desired skin. Today we are talking about some vegetables in the kitchen that can cure various skin problems and make them more beautiful and healthy. So let’s know about some vegetables for skin care.

Some vegetables for skin care

Some vegetables for skin care

1) Potatoes

Those who are worried about facial spots can use potatoes. The bleaching agent in potatoes is very effective in removing skin blemishes. Potatoes are no match for acne scars, sunburns, or other blemishes on the face.

Take a piece of potato and rub it lightly on the face, or you can blend the potato, extract the juice, and mix it with Multani Mati. It will reduce the excess oil while also making the skin blemish-free. But those with dry skin should use only potato juice.

Peel and grate half the potato and cucumber. Now mix an equal amount of potato and cucumber and apply it to the dark area around the eyes. Keep for 20–25 minutes. Rinse with cold water. After wiping your eyes, apply a little coconut or almond oil to your fingertips and massage the dark circles of your eyes in a circular motion. Massage first towards the spine and then against the spine. Leave it like this overnight. Wake up early and give yourself a facial wash.

2) Tomatoes

Some vegetables for skin care

Almost all of us can find tomatoes in our kitchen, but very few people use them in skin care. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Tomatoes are a great source of anti-ageing antioxidants. So regular use of tomatoes can hide the signs of age.

Cut a tomato in half and extract the juice from it. Now add 2 teaspoons of honey and mix it well. Clean the face well and apply this mixture to the face. Wash off after 20 minutes. Use 3–4 times a week for soft, glowing, and beautiful skin. But this pack is good for dry and dull skin. For those with oily skin, instead of honey, mix multani soil with tomato juice and apply it to the face.

3) Carrots

Some vegetables for skin care

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, minerals, and essential vitamins. Carrots are not only beneficial for eyesight, but carrots are also very effective in making the skin beautiful and healthy by eliminating various skin problems.

Wash and boil a carrot well. After it is cooked well, cool the carrot and make a paste with the help of a blender or hand. Now add half a teaspoon of honey olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice to the carrot paste and mix well (those with oily skin can omit the olive oil). Apply the mixture evenly to the face and neck, and keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash with water.

4) Block copy

Kale is a very effective anti-ageing vegetable, according to various studies. Cabbage contains powerful antioxidants that reduce the signs of ageing and brighten the skin.

Chop cabbage, boil it in water, and strain it to separate the water. You can cool this water and keep it in the fridge. Wash your face with it 2 or 3 days a week. It brightens and softens the skin.

This one knows about some vegetables for skin care. However, keep various vegetables in your regular diet along with body care. This will make your skin beautiful and healthy from within.

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