Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways!

Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways!

Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways: All day, strong sun and cold from the evening, winter has come! The skin is also changing with the weather. If you take care of the details of your skin now, you can stay fresh all winter. Skin becomes sensitive in the winter. This can cause various problems, like dryness and acne. The products used for so long should be replaced gradually now. Complete winter makeup should be done. Let’s know the methods for perfect winter makeup.

Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways

Skincare is the perfect winter makeup routine.

Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways!

Dust increases a lot in the winter, so try to keep the skin as clean as possible. The skin sometimes behaves a little strangely in winter; the skin can have a mixed feeling. The T-zone of the face, i.e., the rest of the area except the nose-forehead area, can become dry. Therefore, extra care should be taken to understand the skin type. If you have combination skin, keep using the same face wash you usually use during the summer. But it is only for the T-zone. Wash the remaining dry areas with a normal face wash or foaming cleanser.

Use a cream cleanser, cleansing milk, or glycerin bar if you feel a little more dry. Before going out every day, check whether you have cleansing wipes or wet tissues with you. Wipe the face as needed. At this time, the skin loses its brightness to a large extent. Be sure to use a mild scrub daily. For oily skin, use gels or light moisturizers that are low in oil and high in water. Before using, you must understand the needs of the skin. 1) Heavy moisturizer should be applied in cases of dry skin.

The sun is strong from morning to afternoon, so don’t forget to use sunscreen lotion. Use a sunscreen with at least 50+ SPF. After 3/4 hours, wipe the face and reapply. Because sunscreen does not work for more than 3/4 hours. 2) If you wear makeup, make sure to clean it well. Use baby oil or makeup remover to remove makeup. Then, wash your face with lukewarm water, face wash, and moisturizer. 3) Before going to sleep at night, you can apply a good night cream or almond oil instead.

Almond oil moisturizes the skin. It also brightens the skin, reduces age-related wrinkles, and removes acne or blemishes. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your skin at home. Applying banana paste will bring back vitality to dry skin. Honey is also very beneficial for dry skin. Make a paste of tomato juice with some honey. You will get very good results. Cucumber juice works great on oily skin. Mix multani soil and sandalwood powder with cucumber juice and apply.

As it reduces the oiliness, the glow of the skin will also come back. Apply papaya paste to the mouth for 10–15 minutes. It will remove the burning sensation on the skin. Apply carrot paste for 10 minutes to get the benefits. Apply sandalwood paste. Wait until it is dry. Wash it off. For normal to oily skin, mix a few drops of rose water with milk cream or skin yogurt. Wash your face with cold water, apply the mask, and wash it off after 15 minutes to regain the lost radiance.

Banana paste mixed with honey can also be applied to the skin. Leave it for 10–15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Coconut oil, however, is very effective in restoring the lost glow of the skin. Apply coconut oil to the face. Soak a cotton handkerchief in warm water and squeeze it well. Keep it on the face for a while. Wipe your face and apply rose water. It will suit all skin types. hair care The hair is also dry. Many people lose their luster. A little rough, hard feeling comes to the hair.

Here are some tips: 1) You can mix papaya with banana and apply it well, or mix olive oil and honey and apply it to your hair. After 20 to 25 minutes, remove it with a wash.Dandruff is also very high at this time. Always keep your hair clean. You can apply an anti-dandruff shampoo. 2) For oily hair, warm half a cup of mayonnaise. Apply it to the head and keep it for 30–35 minutes. Shampoo well. You will get a nice, silky feel. The oily feeling will go away. At the last stage of hair washing, you can mix two to three spoons of vinegar with water and wash your hair. Oily hair will lose excess oiliness.

 Hand and foot care

Perfect winter makeup Take care of yourself in some effective ways!

 The dust should be a little heavier at this time. For this reason, hands and feet should be taken care of regularly. You can easily do pedicures and manicures at home. Take lukewarm water in a large bowl. Mix in a little olive oil and two spoons of salt. Soak your hands and feet in it for 30 minutes. Change the water and mix the shampoo in it. Soak your hands and feet for 10 minutes, then clean the area around the nails and ankles with a brush or pubic stone. Finally clean.

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