Lip care in the summer

Lip care in the summer

We all have the idea that only winter is the time to take Lip care in the summer. There is no need to take care of lips during the summer. But many of us do not know that this idea is completely wrong. Lip care is needed in the summer too.

Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun in the summer rob our lips of their softness and turn the color of our lips black. Lack of water in summer also reduces the moisture of the lips. Moreover, we all have to stay in the air conditioner more or less during the hot season, which also damages the skin of the lips. Today’s article is about what we should do to take care of our lips during the summer.

Lip care in the summer

Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays:

Lip care in the summer

To keep lips beautiful in the summer, you must protect them from the UV rays of the sun. For this, you should always use a lip balm with SPF. Make sure your lip balm has at least 15 SPF.


Scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush once a week. This removes dead cells. Or, make a natural scrub at home by mixing a little sugar with olive oil. The dead cells of the lips will be removed, and the lips will be soft and tender.


Lip care in the summer

The most important thing for lips is moisturizing. Lip moisture decreases due to pollution, sun, heat, etc. So lips should be moisturized regularly. A good brand of lip balm must be used during the day, and a good moisturizer must be used before going to bed at night.

Pack for lips:

Make a pack by mixing milk with rose petals, and use it regularly on your lips. In addition to the soft lips, the color of the lips will also be pink. Mix equal amounts of olive oil and coconut oil and massage the lips to make them soft and supple. Regular use will make lips soft and smooth. Mix lemon juice with honey and apply it to your lips to get rid of dark lips.

Dietary changes:

Lip care in the summer

After all, the most important thing is to take care of the body from the inside. So we have to take care of our lips from within. That’s why you need to change your diet. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water every day to keep your lips hydrated.

Lips enhance the beauty of our faces, so lips can never be neglected. Take care of your lips this summer in the above-mentioned ways. Lips will be soft, supple, and smooth, and their color will be beautiful.

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