How do I remove blackheads easily?

How do I remove blackheads easily?

How do I remove blackheads easily: Dirt is constantly accumulating in the pores of our skin. If this dirt is not cleaned properly, more oily dirt accumulates on it. Once it is exposed to air, it oxidizes and forms blackheads. If you are not aware of it from the beginning, it becomes permanent, making your skin unclean. Normally, the oil glands in our T-zone (forehead and nose) are more active than the rest of the face. Due to excessive oil secretion, blackheads are formed due to the accumulation of dust. Skin loses its natural radiance and becomes uneven. Even if you put makeup on that area, it doesn’t want to sit properly. How do I remove blackheads? Let’s take a look!

How do I remove blackheads easily

Easy ways to remove blackheads

1) Lemon sugar scrub

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Among the most often used natural medicines is this one. Combine sugar and the juice of one medium-sized lemon to make a paste. Massage the blackheads until the sugar melts. Wash it off afterwards. Do it twice a week. It’s unmatched for exfoliating and restoring the skin’s radiance.

2) Baking soda

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of water. Massage gently for 5 minutes and wash off. It also helps eliminate skin bacteria, reducing blackheads. Sometimes the blackheads clear up, but the pores of the skin remain large. Baking soda works great in this case, too. But yes, those whose skin does not suit baking soda, i.e., those who have allergy problems, should not use this paste.

3) Toothpaste

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Clearing old blackheads is quite a challenge. And it never goes away in a day. In that case, take a little white toothpaste and apply it to the affected area for five minutes. Then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. It softens blackheads while exfoliating dead skin cells. Wash your face by scrubbing with a brush. Steam with hot water for 5 minutes. It will open the pores. Then rub again with the brush, and you will see that the blackheads will come out very easily. Do it once a week.

4) Almond rose water scrub

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Combine one spoonful of rose water and two spoons of almond powder to make a paste.  Now apply this paste to the entire face and massage slowly in a circular motion for 2–3 minutes. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. In addition to eliminating blackheads, it restores the skin’s brightness.

5) Salt

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Not the refined salt that is available on the market these days, but rather coarse grain salt. It acts as a quick blackhead scrub and helps control excess oil on oily skin. Take a very small amount of salt (2 pinches) and add a few drops of water to it. Next, rub the blackheads until the salt starts to dissolve. After that, wash with lukewarm water. It reduces blackheads as well as the amount of oil produced in the area. But be careful; don’t use it on the whole face! Then the results can be reversed. This scrub is for blackheads only.

6) Honey

How do I remove blackheads easily?

Dry skin can also cause blackheads. Honey is ideal for them. Mix cinnamon powder and honey in a 2:1 ratio and keep it on blackheads for 15-20 minutes. After this, massage for 2 minutes and wash off. It works as a moisturizer and a scrub at the same time. 2 times a week will reduce blackheads a lot.

Tips: Change the pillow cover every week. Always keep your comb and towel clean. You will get some relief from the outbreak of blackheads, pimples, and dandruff.

Choose any of the above methods according to your skin type. Getting rid of blackheads is not very difficult if done regularly. Good luck to all.

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