Find out 8 ways to restore the pH of the skin!

Find out 8 ways to restore the pH of the skin!

Find out 8 ways to restore the pH of the skin: First, we need to know what the pH of the skin is. The acidity or alkalinity of a material is measured by its pH, or hydrogen potential.It is measured on a scale ranging from 0 to 14. The pH of sebum in human skin is usually 4.5 to 5.5. Which is acidic according to the scale? This natural skin acidity protects the skin from fungus and bacteria and keeps our skin healthy. Some skin products disrupt this natural pH.

Our skin can naturally withstand infection and stress. But, unbalanced pH levels affect these functions. On the surface of our skin is a thin, protective layer called the acid mantle. This acid mantle is formed by sebum (free fatty acid) released from sebaceous glands. This again mixes with sweat’s lactic and amino acids to create a pH for the skin.

Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resist infection. This oil is produced in our body. Too little oil can cause dry skin and premature wrinkles. Again, too much oily skin can cause acne. The pH of the skin can become unbalanced due to external and internal factors. As we age, our skin becomes more acidic. It loses its ability to protect itself from the bad effects of our lifestyle and our environment (smoking, air, water, sun, pollution). Let’s take a look at the pH level of sebum on the skin.

Find out 8 ways to restore the pH of the skin

8 Ways to Restore Skin’s pH

1. Tomato mask  

Ingredients required to make the paste: Pulp of 1 tomato. 1 packet of gelatin. 1 tablespoon of orange juice. Heat these ingredients and mix them to make a paste. After applying this paste to the face and drying it, wash the face with water. Tomatoes help restore the skin’s natural pH and are an excellent natural remedy for blemishes. Additionally, gelatin helps firm the skin on the face, and orange juice exfoliates the skin.

2. Sour yogurt mask  

Ingredients needed to make the mask:

1 tablespoon of ripe banana paste. 1 tablespoon sour yogurt. Mix the ingredients well and apply them to the face. Both of these ingredients work like magic for the skin. Antioxidants, potassium, and minerals in bananas ensure healthy skin. Again, there is alpha-hydroxy acid in yogurt. It helps restore the skin’s pH balance.

3. Lemon mask 

Boil half a cup of lemon peel and lemon leaves in water for 5 minutes. Mix oats with it, strain the water, and keep it cool. Make a face mask by mixing gram flour, lemon juice, and filtered water in another bowl. Apply the mask to the face and wash it off after 30 minutes. Dry the lemon peel in the sun and grind it. This powder will be used to make a skin-friendly face mask.

If you have oily skin, mix half a teaspoon of powdered orange peel with 1 teaspoon of powdered lemon peel, gram flour, lemon juice, and sour cream. First, massage the face lightly with the mask, and then wait for 15 minutes to dry. Do not talk to anyone during this time. Then cleanse your face with warm water. Apart from these masks, there are other foods that help maintain the pH balance of your skin and even cleanse it.

4. The water

Water has alkaline properties, and when something is alkaline, it counteracts excess acid in your body. The presence of acid increases the pH level in the body. So drinking enough water helps to lower your pH levels.

5. lemon

Lemon is acidic, but it becomes alkaline when it enters our body. All types of citrus fruits, not just lemons, will help lower your pH levels.

6. Cashew nuts  

Raw cashew nuts will help maintain the pH balance of your skin. But a sprouted cashew nut is much more nutritious and helps balance the pH of your skin.

7. Apple cider vinegar  

Apple cider vinegar helps maintain the pH balance of the entire body. A person who has a low pH level in the body can get any disease very quickly and has very little energy in the body. Consuming apple cider vinegar daily helps the body store energy.

8. garlic

Garlic is a great remedy for various ailments, and its contribution to maintaining the pH balance of the skin is undeniable. You eat garlic and a raw clove every day.

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