Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit?

Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit

Wondering how to get rid of dark spots under the arms? A sleeveless dress cannot be worn due to under arm or armpit dark spots. Not only that, wearing a swimsuit or getting various treatments at the parlor is embarrassing. Before knowing how to get rid of dark spots on armpits, know its cause.

Causes of underarm or armpit dark spots

Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit?

1. saving

Dark spots on armpits are caused by shaving

With an underarm razor, you can only cut hair above the skin. Hair does not come up with the base. So a dark blackness remains. Same is the case with Anne French or Veet depilatory creams. which only removes the hair from the surface of the skin. It cannot be removed from its roots. That’s why waxing is good for underarm hair removal because it pulls the hair out along with the root.

2. dead cells

Accumulation of dead skin cells on the underarm can darken the area. This is why it is necessary to remove these dead cells. You can’ use scrubs to remove, these dead cells. But the scrub should be rich in lactic acid.

3. As a result of excessive use of deodorant or antiperspirant

It has been proven many times that the chemicals in deodorants are responsible for dark underarms. All these deodorants cause pigmentation which causes dark spots. To resolve this issue, you can use deodorants designed for sensitive skin or get rid of underarm odor organically.

4. Friction

Dark spots can occur due to the friction of the skin on the underarm or under arm when wearing very tight clothing.As a result, rather than wearing really tight clothing, you should wear loose clothing. Clothing should be comfortable in the heat and allow air to flow through it. Generally, those who have fat under the arms or underarms have more friction with the clothes, resulting in darkening of the area. So losing weight will be of some benefit.

5. Hereditary factors and birth control pills

Sometimes the underarms are dark due to hereditary reasons. Dark underarms can also be caused by excess weight and hormones or birth control pills. Therefore, if you have all these problems, consult a doctor. Because all these problems will give rise to more serious problems in your body than underarm or under arm blackening.

6. Diabetes

It also causes dark underarm due to pigmentation which many of us don’t know about. So it is necessary to keep the insulin level under control.

Ways to get rid of underarm or armpit dark spots

Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit?

1. Waxing or electrolysis

Shaving or hair removal lotion is the leading cause of dark underarms. Do waxing for that. Although it will hurt you a bit, but through this the hair will come up with roots and it will make your underarm fairer. It also acts as an exfoliating agent. Those who want to get rid of underarm hair permanently can do electrolysis. This is a permanent method. Over time, the black spots will gradually disappear.

2. Brightening mask

Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit?

You can make a mask at home to remove black underarm or armpit black spots.


Half a teaspoon of salt

1/3 cup rose water

1/3 cup Johnson’s baby powder.

Method: Mix all the above ingredients together. Till a soft mixture is obtained. Apply it on your underarm or arm and keep it for 30 minutes. Then wash it off and see good results from the first use. Apply it to your underarm or arm every time after waxing. Put it down.

3. lemon juice

This is a very useful method. Cut a lemon and rub it under the arm before taking a bath. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent. Apply moisturizing cream after bathing to soften the skin.

4. Potatoes and cucumbers

Potato juice to get rid of dark underarm spots

Potato acts as a natural bleaching agent. You can cut potatoes thinly and rub them under your arms or you can extract the juice of potatoes and apply them. Wash off after 15 minutes. Similarly you can use cucumber.

5. Saffron mixture

Mix a pinch of saffron in 2 spoons of milk or cream and apply it under the arm or under the arms at bedtime. Wash off the next morning. It not only exfoliates the underarms but also destroys germs and bacteria.

6. Use deodorant sparingly

Get rid of body odor for a while using natural ingredients. Wash the underarms with baking soda in a little water. Do not apply deodorant directly to your clothes, but apply it to your clothes.

7. Sandalwood and rose water

Mix sandalwood and rose water together and apply. Sandalwood will brighten with its brightening properties and rose water will keep the skin cool and soft.

8. Exfoliating scrub

You can use scrubs made for sensitive skin like nivea, st lves & everyyouth scrubs.

Do you know how to remove dark underarms? What is the fear now? Remove black spots! Make yourself attractive and confident.

Do you know 8 home remedies to remove dark spots under armpit?

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