6 tips to get epilator hand and foot care to get hairless skin Epilator to get hairless skin

6 tips to get epilator hand and foot care to get hairless skin Epilator to get hairless skin

Although necessary for body temperature regulation and protection, girls do not like to see extra hair on their body at all. So there are many ways to remove excess body hair – threading, waxing, wax strips, hair removing creams. Epilation is also a method of hair removal. For epilation, an electric device (epilator) is used, with the help of some tweezers attached to which the hair is lifted from the root. Before knowing more about epilator to get hairless skin, let’s know about some other methods of hair removal and their pros and cons.

Some methods to get hairless skin

1) Waxing

Waxing is the most popular method of hair removal for hands and feet. Waxing can remove large amounts of hair at once and helps keep hair free for longer. By penetrating the hair growth it keeps hairless for 4-6 weeks. But waxing can cause various problems including redness, swelling or rash on the sensitive skin. Waxing in a parlor is expensive and doing it at home is quite a hassle.

2) Hair removing cream

Hair removing creams are available in the market for quick, inexpensive and painless hair removal. But in this case the hair comes back very quickly. In those who have more hair growth, hair appears again in 2-3 days. Moreover, excess chemicals in hair removing creams are harmful to the skin.

3) Hair removing strip

Recently this method of hair removal is gaining popularity. But if you don’t use it properly, it won’t work that much. Warm the strip with a candle flame before using it. Will work very well.

Epilator to get hairless skin

Epilator is an electrical hair removal device. It usually has a rechargeable battery attached. A single charge lasts for 1-2 hours. It is very easy to use. Although the first few times are quite painful, after each waxing the next ingrown hairs become thinner. So no more pain. Epilators remove hair from the root, but not in the same way as waxing. So after 2-3 weeks hair comes back again. However, even in the case of expensive brands, hair growth time is longer with long-term use. Epilator is mainly used to remove hair from hands and feet. It is better not to use the epilator on the bikini line, underarms or on the face, because the skin in these areas is very soft and sensitive. However, many epilators have separate attachments for use on sensitive areas. Depending on the price and brand, epilators come with various attachments, such as shavers, massagers, trimmers, ice chambers, tweezers with safety caps for bikini line and underarm use, etc.

Some tips for using an epilator

1) Take a shower before using the epilator. It softens the root of the hair and comes out easily. Many epilators are waterproof so they can be used in the shower.

2) Scrub hands and feet if possible. It makes the skin smooth and soft and the epilator is easy to use.

3) Always pull the epilator against the direction of hair growth, it will pull the hair from the root easily and get a smooth finish.

4) Some may experience rash or redness initially after use. So do epilation 2-3 days before any event.

5) Pull the skin while using the epilator, it will reduce the pain

6) After using the epilator, rub ice on the area and apply moisturizer.

Braun’s Silk-épil is the most advanced of epilators. Also there is Panasonic, Phillips epilator. Moreover, there are many epilators of non-brand and Chinese brands.

Learn about the use of epilator to get hairless skin. From now on, take care of your skin safely.

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