14 tips to get rid of white heads

14 tips to get rid of white heads

14 tips to get rid of white heads: We always discuss the problem of blackheads. But there are many of us who suffer from the problem of white heads. Whiteheads are a type of acne that is basically formed when the pores of the skin become blocked with oil or dead skin cells. It is actually the dead cells or oil that cause acne and whiteheads to appear on the face. Usually, whiteheads are clearly visible to anyone looking at your face. This problem can be overcome by using some expensive drugs. Today, let’s learn how we can get rid of white heads using simple ingredients available at hand.

14 tips to get rid of white heads

How can I get clear of white heads?

1. To remove the white heads, mix cornflower water with a few drops of vinegar and apply it to the white heads. After half an hour, soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water and remove it. Then wash your face with cold water.

2. Apply some fenugreek seeds to the affected area overnight. Then, wash them off with lukewarm water in the morning. The problem will go away.

3. Sandalwood powder and rose water mixed together to make a paste will also have benefits. Wash off with lukewarm water after 20–30 minutes.

4. If you have white heads, mix 1 teaspoon of camphor in 100 grams of rose water and keep it. You can get rid of white heads by cleaning with this mixture of rose water on a cotton ball twice a day.

5. Never try to squeeze out whiteheads near the nose or anywhere on the skin. You will get rid of it if you add lentil batter with rice powder.

6. Boil 50 neem leaves in two liters of water. Boil the water until the leaves are soft and discolored. When the water turns green, it should be poured into a bottle. Bathing with 100 ml of neem leaf water in bath water every day will remove skin infections. Besides, acne and white heads will be removed.

7. You can scrub your skin at home. For this, make a mask with sugar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Now massage the skin with this mixture for a while and wash it. Rice powder can also be used as a scrub.

8. Watermelon juice and lemon juice cool the skin as well as soften it. On the other hand, lemon is a natural cleanser. Apply it every morning to extra-oily skin. Oily skin is more susceptible to whiteheads.

9. Hot steam can be applied to the face. Take a pot of steaming hot water and place your face on it. Care should be taken to ensure that the distance from the pot to the mouth is at least one hand. Hot steam helps to open up the whiteheads and clean the whiteheads very easily.

10. You can also use a mask made of Multani clay. It will remove the dead cells from your skin. Mix almond powder with glycerin and a teaspoon of Multani soil and rub it lightly on the face as a scrub. But don’t make a fine powder; it should be a bit grainy. This scrub plays an effective role in removing whiteheads from the face.

11. Make a thick paste with baking soda and water. Then apply it to the areas where there are whiteheads. Wait for it to dry and wash it off with lukewarm water.

12. Honey has anti-bacterial properties. Grind honey and lemon on the affected area and apply it to the face for 15 minutes. This will get rid of the whiteheads.

13. Used tea bags play an important role in curing whiteheads. Take the contents of a tea bag and rub it on the affected area for 4-5 minutes. If you do it twice a week, you will get a lot of benefits.

14. A tomato is a natural antiseptic that removes whiteheads. Peel the tomatoes and mash them. Apply this pulp before going to sleep. It will work on the affected area throughout the night.Use warm water to wash in the morning.

If you have clogged pores, then just washing your face with water is not enough. Whether you have whiteheads or not, open-pore cleansing requires proper care. But remember this: when blackheads appear on your skin, your pores are partly blocked. When you see whiteheads, the whole thing is clogged. I advise those who have not yet had whiteheads to care for their skin. Those who have had whiteheads should not wait. They should find ways to get rid of them. Here I have mentioned all home remedies. I hope these will solve your whiteheads problem.

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